We hit a jackpot! Zoo Media collaborated with Aditya Birla Capital, the universal financial solutions company of the Aditya Birla Group, to create three stunning campaigns that won a total of 21 awards! These three campaigns included an engaging campaign called #InteractWithTheFuture, an explanatory campaign named #ABCOfBudget2020 and an educative campaign named #ABCOfTaxes. 

The streak did not stop there. Aditya Birla Capital was also titled the Brand of the year in the exchange4media Content Marketing Awards!

Read on to find out more about these campaigns!


Marketing retirement plans to a young audience is tricky business; first, they don’t see themselves retiring anywhere in the near future and second they live in the present. 
In an industry first, for this Aditya Birla Capital campaign, we integrated Interactive Videos within the Facebook environment where we allowed users to dabble between the present and two kinds of future scenarios, (i) where they have invested in retirement funds and (ii) where they had not invested in retirement funds


This campaign was immensely successful as the experiential process brought about the consumer’s realisation in the importance of investing in retirement plans, as well as getting them to take an interest in the brand’s retirement fund schemes.


How much of the Union Budget does the common man actually understand ? Rife with financial jargons and complicated by its effects, the impact of the Union Budget often remains unclear.

For Aditya Birla Capital, a brand dedicated to simplifying all things money, this was an opportunity to break down the impact of the Union Budget for the common man. The teams at FoxyMoron, in collaboration with Aditya Birla Capital, Pollen & The Rabbit Hole organised a Facebook LIVE #ABCofBudget2020 where Akhilesh Bhargava, Business Editor of HW News, Ajay Kakkar, CMO of Aditya Birla Capital and lifestyle vlogger Mumbiker Nikhil as the voice of the common man, got together to simplify the  budget for the common man and even clarified audience queries on the LIVE in real-time.


The campaign turned out to be a monumental success as it went above and beyond in responding to the queries the audience had, in turn clarifying the impact of the Union Budget on their wallets!

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Admit it! It has never been an easy road to understanding the intricacies of taxation. So what could a brand, aimed at simplifying and educating customers about all things money, do to change that?

Could a Hint: Pop Quiz 

Being a game that amassed massive engagement, the campaign turned out to be a big win for Aditya Birla Capital! 

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In addition to the campaign specific awards, Aditya Birla Capital also bagged a couple of awards at The Maddies 2020. Swipe left to check them out!



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